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Vincent Art Gallery

Vincent Art Gallery was established in 1989, with the mission to paint and exhibit reproductions of the Old Masters, like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Renoir, Cézanne, Gauguin and many others. Not spread over numerous museums and private collections all over the world, but brought together at ONE LOCATION, on exhibitions more accessible to the many who enjoy these great artists.
These oil reproductions are painted by dedicated Dutch artists, who have studied the style and techniques of individual Old Masters for years. They use the same materials and their skills and passion for the original works of art ensure the highest quality.
100% handmade oil paintings
On these exhibitions, we were often asked if these BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS were for sale too. At that time it was not possible. This demand has grown so big though, that Vincent Art Gallery has decided to offer an additional service. These EXQUISITE WORKS OF ART are now available for sale too. Hand painted especially for you and sold DIRECTLY to you.

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VINCENT ART GALLERY is located in Den Bosch, Brabant. This beautiful southern province of The Netherlands is the region where Vincent van Gogh was born (in Zundert) and where he painted his early masterpieces (in Nuenen).

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Vincent Art Gallery - The Netherlands
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